Versatility of Metal Siding and Roofing

Benefits of Metal Siding

Metal siding comes in all colors, shapes, grades, and even styles. It's one of the most versatile and maintenance-free siding products you can use on the farm or home.

The versatility and durability of sheet metal is unique, and it's amazingly easy to work with, once you know a few tips. Here's a few things you may have not thought about when it comes to metal siding or metal roofing:

--Metal siding shrinks and grows in cold and hot temperatures. Some believe this is what may cause screws to eventually work loose.

--When installing metal, you can literally "stretch" sheets as you screw them down. This makes it possible to install metal roofing really crooked if you aren't paying attention, or you can cheat the sheets to make something appear "straight" that really isn't. Metal can be amazingly forgiving.

--Cutting metal is way easier than most people believe and can be done with a utility knife and basic pair of tin snips. See our Cutting Metal Siding article at the end of this page.

--Metal siding and metal roofing is literally "maintenance free" for years! Very little can go wrong with a metal building unless you have installed a cheap grade of metal with a color that fades easily and then have to replace a sheet in the middle (not much can be done if metal oxidizes early or fades in color, though paint is now available and companies make fantastic claims about its durability).

--Metal buildings used to be one basic style, now metal can be made to mimic nearly any design that wood is used for. There's even metal that looks like asphalt shingles and cedar shakes!

--Even though there are several different manufacturers of metal siding, colors are somewhat universal.

--Most metal is stamped on the underside edge with an id number that indicates color, manufacturer, and date of production.

--Metal siding sheets can be ordered in 1 inch increments from the factory, meaning you can keep waste to a minimum and have factory edges on most applications.

--Trim pieces generally come in 10'6" lengths to allow a 3" overlap on each end, although longer lengths can be usually be ordered as well.

--Metal siding can be fastened with nails or screws. Screws are preferred and come in a variety of designs

Should I use galvanized or painted metal?   Painted metal siding is the same as galvanized; therefore, if you buy painted metal, you are getting the same quality of metal but with the additional durability of the added paint.

Should I use nails or screws?    Screws don't back out as quickly as nails and screws come in different qualities. Ask local building suppliers about quality metal screws for roofs or siding.

Read our Cutting Metal Siding article!