salvaged buildling materials

Salvaged Building Materials

Some people wonder if it is safe to use salvaged building materials. The answer is "yes, absolutely" --in most cases. As with any used materials, you want to be sure supplies are somewhat clean and haven't been exposed to dangerous substances. But reclaimed doors, windows, and many other things can actually make a house have a personality. Collecting glass doorknobs --original, OLD glass doorknobs to put on your house doors is not only unique but can be a fun process. Depending on your decor, you could choose to only use recycled building materials for floors or wainscoating and end up with a truly unique remodel that has that "out-of-a-magazine" elite look. Old barnwood is probably one of the easiest reclaimed materials to use in a house and it can be found almost anywhere. Reclaimed flooring, especially if your rooms are small, can also be an inexpensive, yet rewarding adventure. Again, be sure used materials are clean and of quality value.

The question might be "Where does one find reclaimed building materials?" Depending on the area you live in, there may be a variety of building materials available or very few. Want ads in local newspapers could catch a contractor's eye. Most contractors on a remodel job are interested in someone who will haul away used building materials. Home remodels often create usable building materials that can be reclaimed, but the person doing the remodel might not remove the material with much care if he or she is not aware it will be recycled, so ask questions and make requests early if you know of someone remodeling.

Remember that fashion is on your side when it comes to recycled and reclaimed building materials. Reusing resources is the "in" thing to do in many areas and suppliers of used building materials are creating a small profit. That means savings for you.