Using Pump Jacks for Scaffolding

Pump Jacks

Scaffolding is an issued for many people. It's expensive and it's hard to move around --not to mention that it requires a fair amount of space and somewhat level ground around your work area. Another solution to reaching heights on a construction project safely is a system called Pump Jacks. These are metal jacks, made out of quality steel that can be set up in a fairly short time. Then they can be pumped to move up a wall as needed.

Pump jacks are a great solution for putting on siding or working on window trip or even roof overhangs. The braces attach to 4x4 poles made out of 2x4s and stabalized in the ground. Then a platform is attached, adequately wide for standing. Two people can easily operate the jack system to move the platform up the poles. To come down the poles, a ratchet is used. Pump jacks installed properly are a secure type of scaffolding that takes up less room and can span the side of a building. It is not recommended that you use pump jacks for heights of more than thirty feet.

See the videos on you tube for Pump Jack systems.

Where do I find Pump Jacks?   Pump Jacks are relatively new but quite common; your local building store will most likely be familiar with them. Qual-Craft and Werner are two companies that make pump jacks.

How much do pump jacks cost?   Single pump jacks (of which you will need at least two) usually run anywhere from $60 to $130 each.

Not sure you are ready to stand on a 2 foot pump jack platform hanging off the side of a 2x4 post?    Renting a lift or "Genie" is another solution to heights: Read our Using a Genie article!