Construction projects for the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

This is a website for the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner. We've collected do-it-yourself articles and construction advice from a variety of construction resources, added our personal knowledge of construction and building experiences, and collected a few from friends. We hope you find the information and articles on our website informative and useful.

Of course we take no responsibility for your construction project. General construction requires a little knowledge and some determination --sometimes more knowledge than one might initially think! Talk to expert contractors, ask for advice, research construction techniques online. Most construction professionals are willing, helpful, and full of knowledge. If we inspire you during a homeowner's project, send us an email and let us know.

As we watch people struggle in the current economy to make a living, we'd like to encourage you to hire local contractors to do at least part of your construction work. Use local suppliers and even if it costs you a few more dollars, support local resources for building materials and construction supplies. The future of our communities is dependent upon the willingness of people to stop allowing large corporations to move in and take over the local mom-and-pop supply stores and people refusing to hire the "cheapest" and instead look for reliability, quality of work, and customer service when paying for construction. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. Over the term of your construction project, buying the cheapest materials and hiring the cheapest help may come back to haunt you. Know how to sense when you are dealing with quality. We hope our advice can point you in that direction.

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